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Big Bang Theory is a Seinfeld Copycat

Published November 28, 2011 by 1wordbeautiful

I love Big Bang Theory but I can’t help but notice how similar the characters and situations are.

Both comedies are centered in an apartment.

In Seinfeld they go out to the Dinner to eat.

In Big Bang Theory the go to the Cheesecake Factor where Penny works.

They are usually gathered around a sofa.

Leonard and George look exactly the same and have a weakness for women.





Another comparison is between Big Bang’s Sheldon and Seinfeld’s Kramer.  Both tall, goofy looking, and add the ridiculous factor to their respective shows.


Here’s some crazy Kramer:

Now, I present to you Sheldon doing the cha cha cha (notice the similar attire to Kramer^^^)

Bazinga Sheldon:


Allow me to expand on Sheldon, because he is my favorite and according to tumblr he is the main reason viewers love the show.  Observe:

Nervous Sheldon:

Dancing Sheldon:

Sad Sheldon:

Loving Sheldon:

Loser Sheldon:

“Romantic” Sheldon:

Clueless Sheldon:

Insane Sheldon:

Cat-lover Sheldon:

Scared Sheldon:

Anti-social Sheldon:

Know-it-all Sheldon:

Germaphobe Sheldon:

Lysol Sheldon:

It would make sense for cleaning product companies to advertise on this show, since Sheldon is so OCD-germaphobic.

Anyways, here is smirking Sheldon:

Another thing that would sell is Chinese food.   They are always eating Chinese take out on their sofa while watching tv.  Always makes me want to call up Peter’s Kitchen from down the street.   Ugh.

On to other characters.  Elaine and Penny, the not-so-poised women that contribute to the reaction humor aspect of their shows.  They react to the men’s quirky weird personalities.



Big Bang Theory also added the Indian comedy aspect.  Here is “Very-very bad-man!” guy from Seinfeld.

This is Rash from BBT:

Last but not least, BBT has a Seinfeld look alike.  His name is Howard, he’s Jewish just like Jerry therefore, the Jewish jokes are yet another copied comedic aspect.


And here is Howard:

Howards yelling mom (never shown) is also very similar to George’s loud mouth mom. Yet again another copy.

Before I finish this post tho I’d like to ad some cool fan art I found on tumblr.

Well idk if this is fan art or not but its really cool.  I bet the characters from BBT would like to cos-play starwars.

Anyway, this is BBT animated. Idk who the guy with the mic is O.o   Anyway i love the japanese manga style drawing.  I need to practice my drawing skills so I can be this good.

Here’s animated Seinfeld, characature style.  It’s not manga, but I still like it.

Phew! This post took forever to finish.  I hope you nonexistent followers like it.

–Love, Ale.

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