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Garden Pictures!

Published December 15, 2011 by 1wordbeautiful

I was able to finally take the picture of the garden my boyfriend and I worked so hard on!  The impatients are growing bigger over night which makes me so excited every time I go over my boyfriends house.  Also between the both of us we are watering the garden on schedule so all our efforts are not going to be wasted.  No plant has died on us yet!  We are definitely not experienced gardeners so that makes me very happy. My boyfriend’s cousin Shirley jokes that we need to be able to raise a garden in order to get married.  She also jokes that I have to learn how to cook Peruvian food and perfect my Spanish.

Anyways I love how these pictures came out.  No make up people.  Make face is finally clearing up.  The vitamins are finally working!

Here I am watering the front yard.  I painted the watering can.  I’m so proud of how cute it came out!

In case you’re wondering we got all the materials (the rocks, soil, mulch, landscaping fabric, and of course plants) at home depot.  However, the tools we thought we could save money on so we bought gardening gloves and shovels at a dollar store.  The gloves ended up with holes and we broke 2 of the 3 shovels.  So cheapy!  Anyways, the cheap tools worked for us for the time being, next time I guess well have to buy some good tools if we plan to garden again.  Maybe my house next time!

Here’s the back yard.

See, there’s 3 little plots of land.  One, on the right side, and two on the left.   I love how my sun hat came out in this picture.  The back yard gets way more sun than the front, but contrary to my first thought, the sun has actually made the flowers grow faster.  We planted the backyard 2 weeks after the front and the impatients are already as big as the ones in the front.

I was thinking that in the future we should take off the big cement tiles that are along the back fence and plant morning glories.  The way when we look out the window it will be a wall of green leaves and purple flowers.

This is the plot on the right:

This is the bigger plot on the left.

Did you guys notice the little tree with yellow fruit?  They are not lemons They are not oranges.  They’re kumquats.  They taste like a mixture between a lemon and an orange.  Delicious!  According to my boyfriend, the reason kumquats are no longer sold in grocery stores is because oranges and lemons became more popular therefore, the kumquat’s nick name is the forgotten fruit.

I say all in all a job well done.  Here is the smaller plot on the left side.

I personally think the back yard looks better than the front yard.  I think its because I think that we put more impatients and I like the pink color of the impatients better.  Also, it was our second time around.

Now, I would like to thank my awesome photographer, and gardening partner  for this really beautiful garden I got to help create and for these really cute pictures.

Here he is with me.  Doesn’t he look cute?

Even though we got chewed up by mosquitos we had a super fun time making this garden, and I say all-in-all it is a job well done.

Until next time!


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