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Is Kristen Stewart just plain rude or shy?

Published November 26, 2011 by 1wordbeautiful

Last week I saw Breaking Dawn and I’m not going to lie Kristen Stewart didn’t ruin the movie as bad as I had anticipated her to.  I think she is not horrible at acting but she definitely isn’t good.

So much internet hate has been directed towards her for having the same expression for all emotions.

Look at how she compares with Emma Watson.

Besides her mediocre acting skills, I can’t help but notice her huge two front teeth…

She looks like an annoyed spongebob…

or a beaver…

I would feel sorry for her if she wasn’t so famous, and if she wasn’t the rudest star in Hollywood.  She obviously doesn’t appreciate her fans.  Just look at how she received the people’s choice awards…

Click Here

Maybe she’s just painfully shy, to give her the benefit of the doubt…I just feel like slapping her and telling her “HEEELLOOO you are FAMOUS  and no doubt making millions of dollars, smile and be thankful or else quit your job and just cry in a corner.”  She’s so freaking pathetic.  Grow some balls.  OR maybe my first hypothesis is correct: she’s just a bitch.  That’s why there’s a team Edward a team Jacob but absolutely no team Bella.  Not because she is female competing with two guys out of her league, but because she’s a rude bitch.

There I said it.  Kristen if you are reading this do us all a favor and quit acting.  Thank you.

–Love, Ale.

P.S. Tell me what you think in a comment.  Do you think she is rude or just shy?

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