23 comments on “New posts!

  • My guess is that you aren’t a good enough whore to get rich, and you definitely aren’t good looking enough to get famous. Your best shot is to keep sucking that dick and maybe you’ll find a sugar daddy, albeit a bottom feeder.

  • WOW. There really are people so mentally ill that they would attack others on their blogs. I would like to understand their kind more. Maybe by talking they can find a solution to their miserable state. The user “YOU”RE DUMB” needs some serious help beyond counseling because his user name has obviously been design with a clear purpose. Good luck guys/girls, I hope that you find other kinds of amusements or happiness more beneficial to yourself and everyone else around you(I mean people that care about you, not the your neighbor, if you have any).

  • Nah, your nose looks fine.
    Just one question – wouldn;t we know if you became famous even if we didn’t subscribe?
    Just sayin…

    And sorry you’ve found all the bozos above. Go you for standing up to them.

    • Haha I didn’t offend them personally but I made a comment on a blog post that wasn’t well received. It was an ex dentist complaining about her ex patients. It was called “10 reasons why your dentist hates you” or something like that. I’ve had really bad experiences with dentists so I just put in my 2 cents and everyone can to her defense. I don’t really think they are trying to offend me I think they are just trying to defend her.

      • Yeah, I know. And I had mentioned before that they were acting strange on the other site. I just didn’t know that they had followed you over to hear. Well… good luck.

      • To be honest I’m not sure if it was those people. But it was around the same time as all that was going on, so I just put two and two together. Thanks for being concerned though! I love when NICE people take the time to comment. 😀

  • thank you for following my blog! I was extremely shocked to see those hurtful comments people posted on this article. Some people, just plain SUCK 🙂

    • Your welcome! But I’m getting off this wordpress crap. It supposed to be the best place to blog but I just attracted a wave of hate for commenting about a medical condition I suffered with. So I’m justing going to delete it and probably try to follow the people I was following through my fb account. But thank you so much for your empathy. 😀

      • Well thanks for enjoying them. But common your blog is just so much more awesome! I hope to start another blog right away though. I just want to get rid of all the hate I got here really detered me from writing on here. I feel like if I make a typo people are going to be saying how much of a moron I am.

  • Hah – if perfcet spleling wsa a reckwirement, we’d all be offline!
    (and I think most of my commenters just come to see me so they won’t be the craziest person in the room. (shhh!))

    Ping me when you get set back up. Looking forward to it.
    And hang tough. They aren’t worth wasting the thought on..

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