Too Many Shows

Published November 6, 2012 by 1wordbeautiful

So many shows so little time. I have wasted a quarter, or maybe a little less than half of my life sitting on the sofa watching TV.
Before I go off telling you my favorite shows, I do have some disclaimers about my taste.
I hate ALL reality TV shows and every competition show just drives me up the wall. I particularly hate American idol, America’s Next Top Model, Modern Family, and any other singing show. Other shows like Face off and Project Runway don’t irk me as much but I still feel really stressed out when I watch them so I just don’t.
Also, I hate ghost shows. They are either so boring, or so fake, or so creepy, you were better not having watched in the first place. The only one I still watch is Paranormal Witness.
I never liked Rugrats, South Park, nor The Simpsons, nor Family Guy. I can’t like them. Sorry. Oh but the number one show, I absolutely hate, is Dancing with the Stars. I just don’t understand how it’s popular. O.o ???
This is what’s recorded on my DVR.

Vampire Diaries is so pre-conceived, but I love it.  It’s perfect for lonely single girls, to fulfill the need of having love and attention.  Whats so great, is that Elena is sought after by two smoking hot guys. She is always the victim, and always gets what she wants.  Even,  when she is wrong everyone forgives her because she’s so ‘compassionate’ or whatever.  Basically she is Ms. Perfect.  Despite the gory scenes, after watching this, I sleep well.

Once Upon a Time, costumes are the best part of this show despite being written by the same people who wrote Lost.  Regina, the evil queen, carries the whole show.


Flight of the Conchords, is something that’s not on air anymore but I recently got  into them again.  You can still find some place online to watch it. They are brilliantly funny.  Also, so it’s much fun to copy their New Zealand accents.  The recurrent jokes on this show are to die for.

New Girl, seems so wacky at first, but I grew into the awkward humor.   No laugh tack in this comedy, so it gives a fly on the wall effect.  Bravo to the writers.  They have  eliminated the “ha-ha” one-liner tackyness of original sitcoms.  I really feel like I know the people in the show.  I also relate to their wild behavior because that’s how I act around friends.

Adventure Time is a very colorful cartoon.  I love the animation and the acid trip story lines.  There are many princesses and kingdoms.  I would recommend this show to you if you like fantasy. Lumpy Space Princess, also known as LSP, is my favorite character.

2 Broke Girls  is very much a punch drunk, one-liner type comedy with a rambunctious laugh track.  The two girls make a hilarious  juxtaposition.  Despite their differences, they come together to make ends meet, with their struggling cupcake business.  The show always ends with the amount of money they have accumulated.  I really hope at the end they both become rich.  However, my fave character is Sophie, a Polish woman who dresses too lavishly for daily life.  She wears tight bandage dresses in bright colors and accessorizes with fake bling and fur.  One of my favorite quotes “My hair is extended, my nails are extended…and well…I’m just too extended to walk.”

Regular Show, this is another cartoon, a little bit similar to Flight of the Conchords.  It’s about two poor guys that work at a park.  They have an angry boss.  And they get into fantastical heaps of trouble.  You’ll know what I mean by fantastical, once you watch the show.

One Tree Hill, oldie but goodie.  If you’ve never watched One Tree Hill, I really suggest you do. Seasons 1-4 are GOLD.  The rest is just a load of crap.  I’m not currently watching this but it is the best show that has ever been on TV, EVER, so it is worth mentioning.  I recommend this to people who like stories based in high school. My advice: try to limit yourself to one episode a night.

I almost forgot, Perception, is a very CSI type show, which I usually hate.  However, this one I like.  I’m not sure why…I do know that the main guy is a hottie that kind of looks like Ian from Vampire Diaries.  It’s about a college professor that helps the FBI solve crimes.  He suffers with bouts of schizophrenia, that’s both a gift and a curse.  His visions help him solve crimes, but hinder normal relationships.

I tried to say enough about the shows so that I didn’t ruin it, but still managed to intrigue.

Happy channel surfing!


I Met Michelle Phan!

Published January 8, 2012 by 1wordbeautiful

Updated March 16, 2012:  Hey everyone this is my old blog.  To get to my new stuff go to—>

Oh my god guys breaking news!  I met Michelle Phan today!  She was doing a meet and greet at Sephora in Aventura.

I love my picture intensive blog. Haha.

Here we are at Ali’s house just finished getting ready!

Here I am waiting in line!  I’m so excited, can you tell?

Ali and Ale

Still waiting…all smiles tho.  It didn’t feel like a long wait because we were both so excited.  We probably said omg more than we have ever said omg in our entire lives.  But ii just noticed by looking at the picture something weird.  Why does it look like I only applied makeup to one of my eyes?

There she is guys!  Can you spot her?  She’s the one in the pink dress.  She came outside to come out to say whats up.  Look at everyone going crazy with their iPhones haha!

She was video taping the fans with her iPhone.  I’m going to be the obnoxious one screaming “WE LOVE YOU!”

I’m finally with her!  She is signing my new glamour eyes palette!  So every time I use it I will magically apply it perfectly.  Haha!  Just kidding.  But still isn’t that awesome?!!?

She has such a warm smile.  I think because her lips curl up at the end.  She’s so beautiful guys.  i still can’t believe I met her.  I just wish I could have thanked her and complimented her more.  She complimented my make up!  I was like OMG Michelle complimented my makeup!!!!! I think that is the best compliment I’ve ever gotten.  You see!  She is super sweet!

Her hair, her dress, her shoes were just perfect.  She’s perfect.  It just reminds me of the gag from tumbler “Nobody’s Per-”  and then you see her and you just have to shut your mouth cause she really is!

I made her sign my mirror.  She was hesitant cause she said it was so pretty.  I told her I was going to give it to Ali because Ali didn’t buy the pallet so that she’ll have something to sign.  Anyways, Ali’s room is all Hot pink so it would look perfect in there.  And now she can have her own makeup mirror with Michelle’s signature how cool is that?!?!!

I just want to say she is the sweetest person ever and she is even more gorgeous in person if that is even possible.  She glows like an angel.

Hmm,  Ali has that same warm smile  Cause it curls upward.  >.<

Thats my mom, me, Michelle, and Ali!   We all look so nice and happy!

Click here to see the video

I had such a good time.  I felt so special getting to meet her!  Thanks Michelle for making this night wonderful from me and all your fans.

-AleI Met Michelle Phan! – YouTube.

Christmas Lights Galore

Published December 25, 2011 by 1wordbeautiful

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful day with your families.

I just thought it would be cool to post some pictures of christmas lights around my neighborhood.  Unfortunately, we were too last to put at lights at our house but I enjoyed my neighbors efforts.  People go all out in my neck of the woods.







Jingle Ball Miami

Published December 20, 2011 by 1wordbeautiful

This is me holding a huge bear I found at the Marshals inside Sawgrass Mall.

Don’t I look asian in this picture?  For me thats one of the biggest compliments ever because I think asian features are beautiful.

Anyway, Albert, Cade, and I, went to Sawgrass Mall that is right across the Bank Atlantic Center to wait to the concert to start.  I had never been to Sawgrass before so I was really excited to go there.

here we are in Neiman Marcus.  In person and in photos I’m surprised that a higher end store like Neiman Marcus is so UGLY.

Anyways, we found out how cool the effect was of two mirrors facing each other.  There’s millions of Alberts!  Can you spot me taking the photo?

Standing next to me is my brother Cade.  Can you tell who he came to the concert to see?

LMFAO was amazing but we were both disappointed because Sky blue wasn’t there (he hurt his back shuffling) and also  because they didn’t perform the song Champagne Showers.

This car was displayed inside Sawgrass.  Both Albert and Cade were, in my opinion, overly impressed by it.  Albert is really into cars because he used to work for his uncle’s dealership, so his opinion is law when it comes to cars.  He says the new cars in 2012 will look like this one.  I nodded my head and said “Wow that’s awesome!”  but I really don’t believe it.

Even though I didn’t get to see all the stores I was really happy I was able to buy this Hello Kitty purse.  I had wanted it ever since I saw it in Epcot’s Japan.  It is my first “expensive” purse.  It costs $65.  Sanrio is not a cheap brand.  My mom bought it for me as an early Christmas present.  When I start working as an esthetician I’m going to save up to I want to buy a white Micheal Kors purse.  I just love white purses I think they look better than black or brown.


Then, we had to rush over to the Bank Atlantic Center.  My mom dropped us off so we got inside quickly compared to the people who had to wait in long lines to park.

As you can tell we were really far away from the stage.  We were in the 400 section.  I was about to get tickets that were closer to the stage but I had waited to call my bf to see if he wanted to come then the next available seats were these. :/

This is the best picture I took.  This is Cody Simpson,  The reason the picture is better than the others I took is because he performed in the mini-stage that was closer to us.

Note to self: The next concert I want to go to I’m buying the tickets sooner and I’m definitely getting seats closer to the stage.   When I took pictures of the artists I wasn’t able to tell who they were because we were so far away.  I was like we weren’t there, because I couldn’t take any pictures.

See?  you can’t see anything 😦

I just have to end this post saying Kelly Clarkson is really impressive live.  She is WORTH seeing on stage.  She is a singing Goddess and we should all worship her.

Also, The Script stole my heart and made me buy a whole bunch of their songs the next day on iTunes.  My current favorite is “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”.  If you don’t own it you should.  Then you can play it at night and imagine him singing it too you. 😉

–Love, Ale.

Garden Pictures!

Published December 15, 2011 by 1wordbeautiful

I was able to finally take the picture of the garden my boyfriend and I worked so hard on!  The impatients are growing bigger over night which makes me so excited every time I go over my boyfriends house.  Also between the both of us we are watering the garden on schedule so all our efforts are not going to be wasted.  No plant has died on us yet!  We are definitely not experienced gardeners so that makes me very happy. My boyfriend’s cousin Shirley jokes that we need to be able to raise a garden in order to get married.  She also jokes that I have to learn how to cook Peruvian food and perfect my Spanish.

Anyways I love how these pictures came out.  No make up people.  Make face is finally clearing up.  The vitamins are finally working!

Here I am watering the front yard.  I painted the watering can.  I’m so proud of how cute it came out!

In case you’re wondering we got all the materials (the rocks, soil, mulch, landscaping fabric, and of course plants) at home depot.  However, the tools we thought we could save money on so we bought gardening gloves and shovels at a dollar store.  The gloves ended up with holes and we broke 2 of the 3 shovels.  So cheapy!  Anyways, the cheap tools worked for us for the time being, next time I guess well have to buy some good tools if we plan to garden again.  Maybe my house next time!

Here’s the back yard.

See, there’s 3 little plots of land.  One, on the right side, and two on the left.   I love how my sun hat came out in this picture.  The back yard gets way more sun than the front, but contrary to my first thought, the sun has actually made the flowers grow faster.  We planted the backyard 2 weeks after the front and the impatients are already as big as the ones in the front.

I was thinking that in the future we should take off the big cement tiles that are along the back fence and plant morning glories.  The way when we look out the window it will be a wall of green leaves and purple flowers.

This is the plot on the right:

This is the bigger plot on the left.

Did you guys notice the little tree with yellow fruit?  They are not lemons They are not oranges.  They’re kumquats.  They taste like a mixture between a lemon and an orange.  Delicious!  According to my boyfriend, the reason kumquats are no longer sold in grocery stores is because oranges and lemons became more popular therefore, the kumquat’s nick name is the forgotten fruit.

I say all in all a job well done.  Here is the smaller plot on the left side.

I personally think the back yard looks better than the front yard.  I think its because I think that we put more impatients and I like the pink color of the impatients better.  Also, it was our second time around.

Now, I would like to thank my awesome photographer, and gardening partner  for this really beautiful garden I got to help create and for these really cute pictures.

Here he is with me.  Doesn’t he look cute?

Even though we got chewed up by mosquitos we had a super fun time making this garden, and I say all-in-all it is a job well done.

Until next time!


Vampire Diaries vs. One Tree Hill

Published December 7, 2011 by 1wordbeautiful

This post will be a comparison of my two favorite shows of all time.  Vampire Diaries obviously the newer one of the two is nominated on People’s Choice Awards for best T.V. Drama and for best Sci-fi Show.  Also Ian Somerhalder playing the role of Damon,  is nominated for best TV drama actor.  Nina Dobrev playing the lead is nominated for best T.V. drama actress.  Unfortunately, yesterday was the last day to vote.  Fingers crossed that they win!

So here we go with the comparisons.


I’ll start off with how Nina’s character Elena Gilbert compares with Payton Sawyer from One Tree Hill.



First, both are emotionally damaged. Elena lost both her parents in a car accident and consequently Payton lost her mother in a car crash.





Then both tend to be the “brooding” type in their group of friends, and consequently they both wear the same uniform, flares jeans, converse sneakers, and leather jackets.



Then There is the “popular” bubbly cheerleader type friend.  In Vampire Diaries her name is Caroline Forbes and in One Tree Hill her name is Brooke Davis.



Brooke (one the right):








“I’m not book smart, I’m Brook smart, and there’s a big difference“–Brooke Davis

Now on to the “hippie” or “smart” girlfriend.  In VD she is a powerful witch named Bonnie and in OTH she is “tutor-girl” Hailey James.




Last but not least, there is always the extra “slutty” one.  In VD we have Vicky, and in OTH we have Rachel.
Now, that I’m done with the girls I’ll include some group shots of them.  This is definitely the fun part.
I hope everyone enjoyed.  Next post I’ll analyze how the men of the shows are similar. 🙂
–Love, Ale. ❤

Big Bang Theory is a Seinfeld Copycat

Published November 28, 2011 by 1wordbeautiful

I love Big Bang Theory but I can’t help but notice how similar the characters and situations are.

Both comedies are centered in an apartment.

In Seinfeld they go out to the Dinner to eat.

In Big Bang Theory the go to the Cheesecake Factor where Penny works.

They are usually gathered around a sofa.

Leonard and George look exactly the same and have a weakness for women.





Another comparison is between Big Bang’s Sheldon and Seinfeld’s Kramer.  Both tall, goofy looking, and add the ridiculous factor to their respective shows.


Here’s some crazy Kramer:

Now, I present to you Sheldon doing the cha cha cha (notice the similar attire to Kramer^^^)

Bazinga Sheldon:


Allow me to expand on Sheldon, because he is my favorite and according to tumblr he is the main reason viewers love the show.  Observe:

Nervous Sheldon:

Dancing Sheldon:

Sad Sheldon:

Loving Sheldon:

Loser Sheldon:

“Romantic” Sheldon:

Clueless Sheldon:

Insane Sheldon:

Cat-lover Sheldon:

Scared Sheldon:

Anti-social Sheldon:

Know-it-all Sheldon:

Germaphobe Sheldon:

Lysol Sheldon:

It would make sense for cleaning product companies to advertise on this show, since Sheldon is so OCD-germaphobic.

Anyways, here is smirking Sheldon:

Another thing that would sell is Chinese food.   They are always eating Chinese take out on their sofa while watching tv.  Always makes me want to call up Peter’s Kitchen from down the street.   Ugh.

On to other characters.  Elaine and Penny, the not-so-poised women that contribute to the reaction humor aspect of their shows.  They react to the men’s quirky weird personalities.



Big Bang Theory also added the Indian comedy aspect.  Here is “Very-very bad-man!” guy from Seinfeld.

This is Rash from BBT:

Last but not least, BBT has a Seinfeld look alike.  His name is Howard, he’s Jewish just like Jerry therefore, the Jewish jokes are yet another copied comedic aspect.


And here is Howard:

Howards yelling mom (never shown) is also very similar to George’s loud mouth mom. Yet again another copy.

Before I finish this post tho I’d like to ad some cool fan art I found on tumblr.

Well idk if this is fan art or not but its really cool.  I bet the characters from BBT would like to cos-play starwars.

Anyway, this is BBT animated. Idk who the guy with the mic is O.o   Anyway i love the japanese manga style drawing.  I need to practice my drawing skills so I can be this good.

Here’s animated Seinfeld, characature style.  It’s not manga, but I still like it.

Phew! This post took forever to finish.  I hope you nonexistent followers like it.

–Love, Ale.

Is Kristen Stewart just plain rude or shy?

Published November 26, 2011 by 1wordbeautiful

Last week I saw Breaking Dawn and I’m not going to lie Kristen Stewart didn’t ruin the movie as bad as I had anticipated her to.  I think she is not horrible at acting but she definitely isn’t good.

So much internet hate has been directed towards her for having the same expression for all emotions.

Look at how she compares with Emma Watson.

Besides her mediocre acting skills, I can’t help but notice her huge two front teeth…

She looks like an annoyed spongebob…

or a beaver…

I would feel sorry for her if she wasn’t so famous, and if she wasn’t the rudest star in Hollywood.  She obviously doesn’t appreciate her fans.  Just look at how she received the people’s choice awards…

Click Here

Maybe she’s just painfully shy, to give her the benefit of the doubt…I just feel like slapping her and telling her “HEEELLOOO you are FAMOUS  and no doubt making millions of dollars, smile and be thankful or else quit your job and just cry in a corner.”  She’s so freaking pathetic.  Grow some balls.  OR maybe my first hypothesis is correct: she’s just a bitch.  That’s why there’s a team Edward a team Jacob but absolutely no team Bella.  Not because she is female competing with two guys out of her league, but because she’s a rude bitch.

There I said it.  Kristen if you are reading this do us all a favor and quit acting.  Thank you.

–Love, Ale.

P.S. Tell me what you think in a comment.  Do you think she is rude or just shy?

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